in one's life和on one's life 的区别,定语什么时候不能用that,要用which

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Crusoe's dog, which was very old now, became ill and died.

The only thing that we can do is to give you some money.



【事实上Swede暂且理解4个 被提问到的英语什么的间题。】





【爱迪生办了4个 工厂,生产过去从未见过的东西。】



1.Edison built up a factory which produced things



1.What's the name of the animals that jumps about?












1.The goverment has promised to do all that lies in its power to alleviate the hardships of people.

Which is the bik e that you lost?

This is the most interesting book that I've ever read.


He is not the man that he was when I first saw him.

1.In fact the Swede did not understand the three questions that/which were asked in English.

2.Who is the girl that talked to you yesterday?

<8>在介词后面 的关系代词用which而这样用that。即“介词+which(代物)”

3.The pen that/which I am using is quiet good.

<10>有4个 定语从句,其中4个 关系代词已有which,曾经 宜用that。相反,机会其中4个 为that,曾经 宜用which。

4.Pay attention to everything that I do.



1.The picture for which he paid $1,000 was once owned by a duke.

4.The film which/that we saw last night was wonderful!

in one's life在某人的生活/生命里


2.Let me show you the novel that I borrowed from the library which was newly open to us.

5.The teacher wants to teach us all that he knows.


that had never been seen before.

3.Tom told his father all that had happened.


6.You must do everything that I do.

on one's life 中的on 与前面的动词构成固定短语的具体哪个词看情况


2.When we see anything that happen on the island, we're so glad.


Look at the girl and the dog that are crossing the street.

<6>当先行词被the only, the very, the first,the last,few,little,no,all,one of,the same等修饰时,须用关系代词that来引导。

2.The building in which Han Mei studied was very old.

<5>当先行词被all,something,anything,nothing,everything,little,much,the one,none等时,引导定语从句多用关系代词that。

【韩梅在后面 学习的那幢大楼很旧。】

2.Colour the birds which/that are flying.